Turn To God: From Additional Hymns.

Suggested tune:Irish, from Hymns and Sacred Poems, 1749  (A&MR  263)

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Turn To God

O turn to God, rejoice in hope,
    the vision lies ahead.
God's love for all, revealed by Christ,
    throughout the world must spread –

Each race on earth, each country, tribe,
    obedient to God's laws;
and justice, mercy, lasting peace
    replacing conflict, wars.

Let wisdom's light on all be shed,
    dispersing hate and fear.
Inspire us with a global dream
    to bring your kingdom here.

Revitalise the faint of heart,
    renew your Church world-wide,
may all rededicate their lives,
    in Christ be unified.

We pray for that free gift of grace
    which keeps the faith flame bright,
so all rejoice and turn to you,
    the source of hope and light.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall