Wedding Anniversary Hymn:  : From 11 Hymns. Commissioned by friends for their  Silver Wedding Anniversary service at St John’s Cathedral, Napier, NZ. The bride’s choice of a tune for this hymn was Ebenezer.

Suggested tune: Austria F.J.Haydn (A&MR 257)

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Wedding Anniversary Hymn

God we gather in thanksgiving
    for the gifts on us bestowed:
years of sharing, loving, caring
    like a silver stream have flowed.
You have given faith and guidance,
    helped us when our courage failed;
yours the light that led us onward
    when the doubts of night assailed.

Bless all those, our friends and loved ones,
        true companions on our way,
joining us in celebration,
        praying with us on this day.
Though the distance may divide us,
        yet the bonds of friendship last;
through the heights and depths experienced
        faithfulness and love hold fast.

Music be our inspiration,
    love the song that fills our hearts.
May the harmony of heaven
    be the theme your love imparts.
Tune our voices to your message,
    lift our hearts to sing your praise.
Let the words speak reassurance,
    giving hope to all our days.

Stay with us today and always
        as once more our vows we make.
May your presence ever with us
        give that peace which none can take.
May we spread Christ’s joy to others,
        share the love that we receive,
live our lives in cheerful service,
        showing forth what we believe.


Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall