Wisdom's Way:  From A Singing Faith.

Suggested tune: Ellers, E J Hopkins (AMR 31)

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Wisdom's Way

Give us, O God, awareness of the need
to cherish and conserve this planet, Earth,
so nations will forget the path of greed,
determine that Earth's warnings they will heed.

Forgive us for what carelessness has wrought:–
hills scarred, eroded, with their forests felled,
dead seas, Earth's atmosphere to crisis brought
and people still ignoring lessons taught.

Teach us that as we sow, so shall we reap;
that disregard of consequence brings pain;
resources lent are not for us to keep.
Turn us from acts that make another weep.

Dear God, may rising consciousness increase,
with sensitivity to people's needs,
the hope that exploitation will decrease,
and humankind's destructive ways will cease.

As Christ commanded, so we must obey
and value others as of equal worth.
keep us in harmony with you, we pray,
that all may choose to follow wisdom's way.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall