Women's Ordination Hymn:  From More Hymns. This hymn was written to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the ordination of women to the Anglican priesthood; it is dedicated to the women clergy of the Waikato.

Suggested tune: Luther (A&MR 366)

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Women's Ordination Hymn

By God ordained, by faith maintained,
    Christ’s service our vocation,
we gather here, this special year,
    to join in celebration.
We think of those who dreamed a dream,
who prayed and worked for what would seem
        faint hope through long frustration.

Now goal attained and vision gained,
    we serve in various places.
Throughout our days we offer praise
    that joy those doubts replaces.
We dedicate our lives to you;
confirm that hope, our strength renew
    for challenges that face us.

In times of stress when fears oppress
    we look to you for guidance,
and as we pray we know each day
    your presence is beside us.
May we reach out to all in need,
seek out the lost, the hungry feed,
    rejoicing in your service.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall