Worship, Then Service: From More Hymns.

Suggested tune: Carlisle, C.Lockhart, (A&MR 362)

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Worship Then Service

We worship, then we serve;
    God gives, and we receive
the strength sufficient for our need –
    this promise we believe.

We worship then we serve
    in our community;
to open doors of trust and hope
    Christ's gospel is the key.

We worship then we serve
    in college, office, church,
through ministry to those we meet,
    support to those who search.

We worship then we serve
    in workshop, clinic, school.
Each day gives opportunities
    to spread Christ's loving rule.

We worship then we serve
    in hospital and home
with Christ the focus of our lives,
    his blessing our shalom.

To worship, then to serve,
    let this our mission be,
so all may be as one in Christ,
    a world in unity.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall