The Worshipping Community: 

Suggested tune:Abridge, I Smith (A&MR 300)

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The Worshipping Community

We come to worship in this place
    as others have before,
to share our hopes, our plans, our faith
    and seek to serve you more.

The cross of Christ before our eyes,
    we follow in his way.
The bonds of love and fellowship
    are strengthened as we pray,

aware of Jesus’ promise, made
    to people everywhere;
“Where two or three meet in my name
    I’m present with them there.”

So now we come, one faith to hold,
    one gospel to proclaim.
We pray for strength to serve your Church
    and further spread your name.

And as we go be with us Lord;
    we need your guiding hand
to seek the lost, restore the weak –
    bring wholeness to this land.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall