Affirming Life:  From A Singing Faith. This was the theme of a sermon preached in 1986 by the then University chaplain, Dame Phyllis Guthardt at the Lady Goodfellow Chapel, Waikato University. Dean Keith Lightfoot preached on the same topic at the Cathedral, prompting this hymn which is dedicated to him.

The suggested tune is St James, R.Courteville (A&MR 199)

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Affirming Life

Say yes to life with all its hopes,
    its pleasure and its pain;
for those who live a life of faith,
    their loss is turned to gain.

Say yes to life with all its joys;
    may we by action show
the Spirit's fruits of patience, peace,
    through cultivation grow.

Say yes to life; affirm the gift
    with confidence reborn,
remembering the darkest hours
    are prelude to the dawn.

Say yes to life; death's power retreats
    when God is at our side:
the fears that haunt, the weakness felt
    ebb like the falling tide.

Say yes to life; rest in God's strength
    to make the darkness light;
go forth empowered, refreshed, renewed,
    life's morning follows night.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008