Astounding God: From More Hymns. This hymn is based on a sermon preached by a former Dean of Waikato, the Very Revd John Fairbrother,  and is dedicated to him.

The suggested tune is Albano, V. Novello (A&MR  398)

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Astounding God

Astounding God of certainties
    your people still you lead,
divided though we often are
    by ritual, habit, creed.

With awe we contemplate your love
    immense and unconfined,
that love, which breaks divisions down,
    embraces humankind.

Through all the ages you have been
    the source of life and light.
We search, debate, equivocate –
    you clarify our sight.

We once were blind, but now we see
    by your amazing grace;
you guide us through uncertainty,
    with faith our doubts replace.

For you, our God, are not constrained;
    your truth is great and free,
your wisdom brings new confidence,
    your love is certainty.


Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008