Called by Christ: From A Singing Faith.

The suggested tune is Trisagion, H.Smart (A&MR 288)

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Called By Christ

Those whom Christ chooses he also equips,
leads into action, and speaks with their lips,
inspires their thinking, empowers their voice,
guides their decisions, makes freedom their choice.

We are God's people at work here on earth,
striving for justice, acknowledging worth;
all that gives reverence, honour and peace
others will emulate; trust will increase.

Give us the vision of what we should do –
cherishing old ways and welcoming new;
in all our actions may love be our guide,
hope to restore us whatever betide.

Be with us always in searching and doubt;
let us remember what faith is about –
God in our being, our light-giving source,
beacon of wisdom, lode-star for our course

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008