Christ’s Body: From A Singing Faith

The suggested tune is Eden, O.M.Fielden (A&MR 327)

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Christ's Body

Christ, in this hallowed place
we come again to meet,
dependent on your grace
that makes our lives complete.

Traditions, witness, faith
are centred in this church.
Your gospel lights a path
to God for all who search.

Symbolic of our creed
the cross before us stands.
We, conscious of our need,
Come to your outstretched hands.

Here, all of us are one,
your body now on earth,
aware, while life shall run,
that each of us has worth.

With strength provided, Lord,
for every daily task
your love to us outpoured
is more than we would ask.

God, be in all our lives
that Rock to which we cling.
Our hope from you derives;
our love for you we sing.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008