Christ in the World: From A Singing Faith. This is dedicated to the late Archbishop Brian Davis  who preached a sermon on this theme for the 80th Anniversary service at St Peter's Cathedral on Sunday 8 October, 1995.

The suggested tune is Church Triumphant, J.W.Elliott (A&MR 40)

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Christ In The World

With thankful hearts we come today
to share in worship, sing and pray
that, unified by Christ, we stand
a faithful witness in this land.

May we, your Church, your vision see –
sustaining others, setting free
from bonds of selfishness and sin.
Let fears be gone; let faith begin!

Make clear your purpose for us all,
restore us if we fail or fall;
a life of service be our aim,
Christ's truth to spread, his love proclaim.

Where people hurt, their courage fled,
your healing light upon them shed.
Make us the agents of your Word,
that by our actions you are heard.

Your Church empower, your people feed
With grace, sufficient for our need.
Transform our lives, our strength renew;
may every day be lived in you.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008