Come And See: from A Singing Faith. The hymn is based on the first chapter of St John's gospel, and the sermon preached on it in the Cathedral by the Revd Graeme Brown to whom it is dedicated

Suggested tune: Contemplation, F.A.G.Ouseley (A&MR 177)

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Come And See

"Come and see", said Jesus,
    "what my life must be:
saving, healing, teaching,
    drawing souls to me.

Come and see my actions,
    see the hungry fed,
people anxious, searching;
    I will give them bread.

Come and see them seeking,
    looking for the sign
of a saviour's presence;
    I will give them wine."

"Come and see", says Jesus
    to his people here,
"seek and you shall find me,
    feel my presence near."

So we come, Lord Jesus,
    finding, as we search,
love and faith abiding,
    centred in your Church

Use our lives thus strengthened
    so that we may be
bringing others to you,
    saying "Come and see."

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008