Come Lord Jesus is number 52 from A Singing Faith.

This hymn appears in Sing Glory, Kevin Mayhew, UK, 1999 and Songs of Praise.

Suggested tune: Morning Light, G.J.Webb (A&MR 307)

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Come Lord Jesus

Come with the sound of trumpet,
come with the beat of drum,
come with the Church bells ringing,
O come, Lord Jesus, come.
Come in the new dawn's silence,
come in the heat of noon,
come in the evening's splendour,
but come, Lord Jesus, soon.

Come to our world expectant,
come to our homes and hearts,
come to our towns and cities,
Lord, come, and loving starts.
Come as your Church awaits you,
come as your people pray,
come as your children listen,
so come to us today.

Come while the choir is singing,
come while the organ plays,
come while we take communion,
come in a thousand ways.
Come as the dew at daybreak,
come as the morning sun,
come as the shadows lengthen,
now come to make us one.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008