Creator God: From Additional Hymns. Dedicated to Dr Christopher Hainsworth, who was Associate Professor of Music at Waikato University, Director of Music at St Peter's Cathedral, Hamilton and has been a dear friend over many years.

Suggested tune: Regent Square by H. Smart (A&MR 279).

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Creator God

God, composer and conductor
    of earth's matchless symphony,
makes from silence glorious music,
    from discordance, harmony;
brings forth joy from deepest sorrow,
    ecstasy from agony.

God the architect and artist
    of earth's colours, textures, forms,
gives new wonder to our vision,
    light in even darkest storms,
teaches that with understanding,
    faith redeems and love reforms.

God of science, healer, teacher,
    pushes out the boundaries
of capacity and knowledge,
    challenges and gently frees
from the limits that restrain us,
    offers opportunities.

God, creative spirit in us,
    inspiration, force sublime,
leading us to new endeavour,
    you, our living paradigm,
may we know your constant presence
    now, and to the end of time.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008