Faith's Flight of Steps: from A Singing Faith.

Suggested tune: Tallis (A&MR 78)

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Faith's Flight Of Steps

Life is an upward flight of steps;
    from birth to death we climb.
Each day reveals a clearer view
    of God unchanged through time.

Sometimes our courage falters, fails;
    strength from our faith we find,
with trust renewed and hope restored,
    doubts, fears are left behind.

When shadows fall across our way,
    uncertainties oppress,
just as the sunshine follows rain
    your light shines forth to bless.

Each step we take fresh truths we learn,
    our depth of knowledge grows;
the generous love of family, friends,
    something of your love shows.

If others stumble, fail or fall,
    may we stretch out our hands,
upholding, helping, showing them
    Christ knows and understands.

Then when we reach the final step –
    see with enlightened mind
what was unseen while on we climbed –
    the truth of God we find.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008