From A Singing Faith. This is perhaps the keynote hymn for the collection, based as it is on Paul's First Letter to the Corinthians, ch.13, and with its emphasis on a living faith.

Suggested tune: Mit Freuden Zart (A&MR 423)

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Faith, Hope, Love

Sing of that great undying love
    which from our birth has nourished
the fruitful soil, that source of strength,
    in which our lives have flourished.
Let organ play, let people sing;
our voices tune, our lives we bring
    by you enriched, encouraged.

Sing of that undergirding faith
    which through our lives requires us
to dedicate ourselves to you,
    the source of truth, that fires us
to spread your message round the earth,
pass on the word that brings new birth,
    invigorates, inspires us.

Sing of that ever-living hope,
    the flame that's ever glowing
with radiance never wavering, clear,
    our life's direction showing.
With faith, hope, love our lives renew.
keep us O Christ, aware of you –
    committed, learning, growing.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008