God's Gift Of Grace: from Additional Hymns. Dedicated to the Very Revd John Fairbrother,  formerly Dean of the Waikato Cathedral Church of St Peter, whose sermon, preached on March 7, 1999, inspired this hymn.

Suggested tune: Caithness, Scottish Psalter, (A&MR 326)

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God's Gift Of Grace

God grant to us your gift of grace,
    that inner voice we heed,
your life-enhancing, boundless love,
    your strength in time of need.

You set before us life or death;
    our choice is freely made.
We choose life with its joy, its pain,
    and journey unafraid.

The living water you supply
    refreshes, heals, revives.
Our thirst is quenched, our hope regained,
    you resurrect our lives.

You do not promise endless bliss
    to those who choose your way;
sufficient is the certainty
    of guidance as we pray.

In times of conflict, fear and doubt
    we turn to you as friend,
rejoicing in Christ's promise that
    he's with us to the end.

So may we live each day in you
    by grace enriched, sustained,
and thus upheld, death's power is lost,
    new life in Christ is gained.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008