God's Justice: from 11 Hymns. Dedicated to Dean Richard Randerson, formerly Assistant Bishop of Auckland who has been for many years a powerful voice for the powerless in society, a fearless defender of the faith and a greatly admired friend.

Suggested tune: Aurelia, S.S.Wesley, (A&MR 255)

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God's Justice

In times of world upheaval,
    in days of dark despair,
God’s presence ever with us
    is certainty we share.
We cannot see the future,
we cannot heal earth’s pain,
but we can strive for justice
    and pray for peace to reign

We may not be world leaders,
    we may not have great power,
but by our words and actions
    democracy can flower.
We can stand up for victims,
speak out for those oppressed,
be strong in times of crisis,
    courageous in the test.

Be with us God and guide us
    to right the wrongs we see,
to overcome oppression
    and strive for liberty.
Keep us aware and ready
to act where there is need;
may love inspire our thinking;
your prompting may we heed.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008