God's Presence With Us: from A Singing Faith. 

Suggested tune: Kilmarnock, N.Dougall (A&MR 69)

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God's Presence With Us

We speak your name in many ways
    but one God we revere:
eternal Spirit, source of days,
    life-giver, ever near.

We see your presence in this world
    when people live in peace:
star-brilliant skies, trees wind-unfurled,
    time, tides that never cease.

We hear your message to the earth
    that love must reign supreme;
new consciousness of others' worth
    should realize that dream.

We read your purpose for us all
    in what Christ came to teach.
His timeless vision, gospel call,
    his Church on earth must preach.

We sing your praise with joyful hearts
    in languages diverse;
such harmony your love imparts
    Throughout the universe.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008