God in Change: from 11 Hymns. Dedicated to the Rev. Canon Dr Douglas Pratt whose preaching at St Peter’s Cathedral, Hamilton, in July 2003 prompted this hymn.

Suggested tune: Rex Gloriae by H. Smart  (A&MR 148).

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God In Change

God in change and evolution,
central to all life and growth,
wiser far than earthly wisdom,
Alpha and Omega both,
you, in learning, loving, living
yours the presence at our death,
God in meeting and in parting,
closer than our vital breath;

We, your people come before you
joined in solidarity;
minds and hearts obedient, listening,
bonded into unity.
Facing questioning, rejection
of the values we hold dear,
may we meet all change with courage,
certain love will cast out fear.

As the early priests and prophets
strove to reach the promised land,
so should we live lives of purpose
guided by your loving hand.
Lead us on when doubts assail us,
may our eyes be fixed on you.
God in change enlarge our vision,
bring us to a world made new.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008