God of Ages: From Additional Hymns. This hymn was submitted in 1998 for the St Paul's Cathedral, London, Millennium Hymn Competition and was selected among the first 16 of the 440 'words' entries from around the world. It was sung for the first time to the tune Austria at the 10am service at St Peter's Cathedral, Hamilton on February 28,1999. TV NZ recorded it for their news programme that day.

Suggested tune: Austria, Haydn (A&MR 257). An alternative tune by Christopher Marshall is heard here.

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God Of Ages

God of ages, times and seasons,
    light that shines through all that lives,
yours the spirit which empowers,
    yours the caring heart that gives
confidence to face the future,
    strengthens faith when courage wanes,
challenges to new endeavours,
    when we doubt, our hope sustains.

God of galaxies and planets
    far beyond all human thought,
centuries, like pages turning,
    are within your keeping brought.
You, the past that makes our present,
    you the future still concealed,
yours the sacrificial giving,
    boundless love through Christ revealed.

God, Creator, Holy Spirit,
    Word made flesh in Christ, your Son
whose example we would follow
    so that all might be as one –
ever loving, ever hopeful
    of a world redeemed, restored;
people, by their faith united,
    dedicated to their Lord.

God, the Alpha and Omega,
    source of wisdom, life and breath,
you our highest motivation,
    you the love that conquers death.
In past ages people sought you;
    you are with us now as then.
In your hands we leave the future,
    God, our ultimate AMEN.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008