God of Pilgrims: from More Hymns. The catalyst for this hymn was a sermon preached at St Peter’s Cathedral on January 7, 2001, by the Revd Canon Joan Minchin. It is dedicated to her.

Suggested tune: Rex Gloriae by H. Smart  (A&MR 148).

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God Of Pilgrims

Pilgrim people, onward journey
     like the Israelites of old,
searching for life's meaning, answers,
     questioning the faith we hold;
while we seek there's one thing certain,
     God is with us now as then:
God alone gives life a purpose;
     fears depart, hope lives again.

Give us courage on our travels
     guide us when we lose our way,
keep us steadfast, fearless, faithful,
     God the focus of each day.
Friends we value as companions
     share with us the testing load
of rejection, loss, denial;
     walk beside us on life's road.

Joyfully we recognise you
     in each aspect of our lives;
God, the answer to our questions,
     God from whom our faith derives.
When we feel uncertain, anxious,
     look for reassurance, strength,
you are there, our God of pilgrims
     leading us safe home at length.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008