God of Wonder is from A Singing Faith. This hymn also appears in Sing Glory, Kevin Mayhew, UK, 1999.

Suggested tune: Contemplation, F.A.G. Ouseley (A&MR 177)

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God of Wonder

Give us a sense of wonder, God,
    perceptive child-like eyes
that seeing beauty fresh revealed
    blend marvel with surprise.

Give us the gift of laughter, God,
    spontaneous, generous, shared,
the vital spark that kindles warmth,
    your joy in us declared.

Give us the gift of peace profound,
    that listening we perceive
eternal truths, unspoken words;
    enlightenment receive.

We see you in the billowing clouds,
    the stamen of a flower,
reflections on a tranquil lake,
    a mighty river's power.

We hear you in a thrush's song,
    the surging of the sea,
the wind which makes the tree tops dance:
    – a world of harmony.

Enlarge our vision, glorious God,
    with expectations new;
give us the grace to see afresh;
    bring wonder to our view.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008