God Of Work: from More Hymns
Suggested tune: Suggested tune: Lux Eoi, Sir A. Sullivan (A&MR 137)

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God Of Work   

God of work, who works within us,
    each new day our strength renew.
When life's burdens seem too heavy
    may we put our trust in you.
Guide our minds, inspire our thinking;
    guide our hands, increase our skill;
give us courage when we falter;
    use our gifts to do your will.

Christ as carpenter you laboured,
    knew the joy that work can give,
helped the fishers bring their nets in,
    taught all people how to live;
healed the sick, gave hope and freedom,
    fed the hungry, blessed the wine.
You who know the cost of loving,
    be for us our life's design.

In our homes, in school and office,
    hallow all the work we do,
teaching, toiling, helping, healing,
    may our lives connect with you.
Take our efforts, dreams accomplished,
    take our disappointments, pain.
Lord of life, you lived as worker,
    Jesus, work through us again.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008