God Our Father, Mother, Lover: from Additional Hymns.

Suggested tune: Hyfrydol (A&MR 260). An alternative tune by Christopher Marshall is heard here.

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God Our Father, Mother, Lover

God our father, mother, lover,
   life-source, omnipresent power,
heard in voice of wind and wave-break,
   seen in stamen of a flower,
yours the future, past and present,
   you the rock on which we stand;
help us work for justice, wholeness,
   peace on earth in every land.

Jesus Christ, the Church's founder,
   God made human yet divine,
yours the ultimate  self-giving
   symbolised in bread and wine;
this we take in glad remembrance,
   witness to the faith we share;
as your pilgrim people journey
   lead us onward in your care.

Holy Spirit, God in-dwelling,
   strong support when courage fails,
guiding us to new endeavour,
   giving hope when doubt assails,
may our dreams of liberation,
   yearnings for equality,
strivings for a new beginning
   recreate society.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008