God Universal: from A Singing Faith. Written in Michaelmas term, 1993, when Fred was a Visiting Fellow at Corpus Christi College, Cambridge. The coming together of many races and creeds in the academic heart of our Christian heritage prompted this hymn. Fred composed the tune for this hymn

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God Universal

Lord, when we treat with disdain
those of a different creed: –
Muslim, Bahai  or Hindu,
Buddhist and other faiths too,
may we remember that you
formed by birth, culture, belief
    Were a Jew.

When we accept without fear
each has an offering to make:
gifts of discernment, keen mind,
searching God's wisdom to find,
treading the pathway assigned,
strengthen the faith that we hold,
    Make us kind.

Prejudice, hatred, mistrust
bring the earth nothing but pain.
Loving requires open hearts,
sharing the truths God imparts;
discussion means progress starts;
learning of different views,
    Fear departs.

Seeking to live in a world
where all develop their skills,
peaceful, co-operative, just,
ignorance crumbles to dust;
we work with hope as we must;
make us aware of our role,
    Give us trust.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008