Hymn for Mothers: from Additional Hymns. Written for the visit to the Waikato Cathedral Church of St Peter, Hamilton on September 4. 1997, by Lady Christine Eames, World President of the Mothers' Union; it is dedicated to Mrs Tureiti Moxon, wife of the Bishop of Waikato and mother of four children.

The suggested tune is Laus Deo, R.Redhead (A&MR 161)

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Hymn For Mothers

Jesus, advocate for women,
lifting them from low esteem,
honoured first his mother, Mary,
God's handmaiden, love supreme

Christ, you felt for suffering women,
knew their grieving, eased their pain.
May we feel your presence with us
bringing healing once again.

Guide us in our daily tasks, Lord.
give your strength when we are weak.
Learning, may we grow in wisdom;
listening, may we hear you speak.

In our sorrow, in rejoicing,
you our joys and burdens share,
you, the light when darkness gathers,
yours the love-song everywhere.

To the helpless bring fresh courage,
to the lost ones, be their guide,
to the lonely be companion;
walk the journey by their side.

Through the world may women's voices
calm dissension, banish fears.
May our children hear your message,
love and serve you through the years.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008