Hymn For St Luke is from A Singing Faith. Written not only for the Saint's day but for any service of healing, or for the medical profession.

Suggested tune: Author of Life, J. Stainer (A&MR 394)

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Hymn For St Luke

    You healed the sick O Lord,
    those ill in body, mind,
    gave them the health they craved,
    freed lives to pain resigned.
As Luke, the doctor, learned from you,
help those who heal, their faith renew.

As Luke with courage went
to heal, restore and teach,
obedient to his Lord
in spirit, action, speech,
give doctors, nurses, clergy too
the healing power that comes from you.

Give wisdom that accepts
whatever life may bring –
the disappointments, hurts,
the cost of suffering;
teach us to trust in all we do
that to our calling we stay true.

Hold those within your care
with minds depressed, confused,
the lost, abandoned, old
that none may be refused
relief from loneliness and pain.
Uphold them Lord, their hope sustain.

We follow in Luke's steps,
physician, writer, saint,
to bring Christ's health to all
the sick, the frail, the faint;
throughout the world the broken heal;
to humankind your love reveal.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008