Hymn For St Peter: from A Singing Faith. Written at the suggestion of the Very Revd Keith Lightfoot for the Patronal Festival of the Waikato Cathedral Church of St Peter, Hamilton and dedicated to him. Nigel Williams (see p. 156) has written an anthem based on this hymn.

Suggested tune: Luther (A&MR 366)

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Hymn For St Peter

Of all your saints who serve in faith
    throughout each generation,
we think today of Peter's life,
    his strong determination;
the Rock on which the Church was built,
yet failed his Lord and suffered guilt,
    but sought and found salvation.

We thank you Lord that here today
    we celebrate your teaching,
the life you lived, the death you died,
    your arms in love outreaching.
Like your disciple we are weak,
yet strive to think, to work, to speak,
    our deeds your message preaching.

Like Peter who before us went
    to serve you without question,
may we be caught, enthused and led;
    your light be our direction,
that we may serve your people's need,
their fears relieve, their voices heed;
    our lives be your reflection.

With faith we stand upon this Rock
    and witness with conviction
that you, who called a fisherman,
    still call without restriction.
You guide us as you guided then,
in love forgive, bestow again
    your gracious benediction.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008