Lighting A Candle: from A Singing Faith.
I wrote this after reading one of Amnesty's appeal letters. Their symbolic candle is a reminder of the plight of the oppressed.

Suggested tune: St Michael (A&MR 142)

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Lighting A Candle

 Christ, once a refugee,
  for refugees we pray,
the victims of oppression, war,
  of policies astray.

   Christ, you of race despised,
    for tolerance we pray,
that all may see the others' strengths,
  drive prejudice away.

Christ, you who hunger knew,
    for hungry ones we pray:
the famished children, women, men,
    surviving as they may.

    Christ, captured, put to death,
    for prisoners we pray;
may justice, mercy, hope sustain
    the candle's fitful ray.

Christ, light of darkened lives,
    the life, the truth, the way,
may we bring hope where there's despair,
    response where there's delay.

    Show us the course to take,
    make us decisive, strong,
that through our lives, empowered by you,
    right triumphs over wrong.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008