Living Creatively: from A Singing Faith.
Suggested tune: Song 1, Orlando Gibbons (A&MR 402)

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Living Creatively

You hold us with a tender parent's hand,
empower when the load is hard to bear,
uplift us when we hesitate or fall,
surround us with your unremitting care.
You give us courage when our faith is weak;
guide all our deeds, inspire the words we speak.

We give you thanks for unexpected joys,
a sudden smile, reunion with a friend,
delight of violets' fragrance in the air,
the warmth of greeting at our journey's end.
Guard all these special moments in our mind;
your presence in them all we, seeking, find.

From chrysalis a butterfly appears;
from bud the petals of a flower unfold.
With those whose lives are held within your love
the fractured rock reveals a seam of gold.
Then take us, use us Lord, that we may be
transformed, released to live creatively.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008