New Year Hope is number 61 from A Singing Faith. This was inspired by a sermon preached in Auckland on Jan 1 1995 by the Revd Peter Stead, a much-loved friend from student days in Auckland and Christchurch, and is dedicated to him.

Suggested tune: Song 1, Orlando Gibbons (A&MR 402)

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New Year Hope

God, be with us throughout the coming year,
your presence guiding as we chart our course;
our hope replenished, resolutions made
to live our lives, Christ's teaching to endorse;
and now, with Christmas celebrations past
the joy remains, faith's flame renewed will last.

We give you thanks for gifts we have received:
for gold of friendship, an unbroken chain
which links us with our loved ones through the years;
for myrrh of memory, healing grief and pain;
for frankincense of beauty, laughter shared,
and knowing you have loved, sustained and cared.

Just as the Wise Men having seen, returned,
their task accomplished, prophecy fulfilled,
may we take up our tasks, empowered by you,
your star to guide, its light in us instilled,
with knowledge that you journey at our side;
that faith, hope, love forever will abide.

Faced with the challenges this New Year brings,
we need your wisdom, patience, courage, strength:
the hope that warring factions will seek peace,
pursue Christ's way, his kingdom come at length.
Help us to strive for justice, equity;
inspire with vision all humanity

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008