Resurrection Hymn
From Additional Hymns. For Miss Olive Sparey, a long-time parishioner of St Peter's Cathedral, Hamilton, who asked me to write a hymn for Easter Day – "the best day of the year."

The suggested tune is Evelyns, W.H.Monk (A&MR 225)

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Resurrection Hymn

Christ, you came to greet them
    on that Easter day.
Your disciples searching
    where your body lay
found the dark tomb empty,
    grave clothes lying there;
they, uncomprehending,
    fled in dark despair.

Anxious, lost, bewildered,
    numb with grief and care,
Jesus' friends were gathered –
    then their Lord was there,
silent as the sunrise
    after darkest night;
though they did not know him,
    doubts were put to flight.

Later, near Emmaus,
    Jesus reappeared;
walked the journey with them,
    questioned what they feared;
burdened minds were lightened,
    hearts within them burned;
then came comprehension –
    Jesus had returned.

Christ, you come to meet us
    on this Easter day.
Joyfully we greet you,
    doubts are rolled away.
May we know and love you,
    look to you as Lord,
gather others to you,
    faith and hope restored.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008