Hymn for Saint Mark: From Additional Hymns.

The suggested tune is Merton, W.H. Monk (A&MR  47)

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Hymn for Saint Mark

Mark, evangelist and teacher,
    youthful convert to Christ's band,
with the others spread the gospel
    journeying from land to land.

Symbolised by wingèd lion
    – strength imbued with heavenly grace –
thus Saint Mark is represented
    having earned an honoured place.
Strong in purpose, firm in action,
    one of twelve, yet man alone;
in his first of all the gospels
    Christ's redemptive love is shown.

By the cross and resurrection
    hope is given, faith is born;
those who follow as disciples
    bear the cross, endure the scorn.

May we learn from Mark's example
    though, like him, at times we fail;
Christ our risen Lord is with us –
    Love transcendent will prevail.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008