Save The Children Hymn: from A Singing Faith. Composed for a service in St. Peter's Cathedral, on May 22, 1994, commemorating the 75th anniversary of the founding in England of the Save the Children Fund; dedicated to the late Canon B.H.Pierard, a former president of Waikato S.C.F. who preached on that occasion.

Suggested tune: Song 1, Orlando Gibbons (A&MR 402)

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Save The Children Hymn

Lord, for the children of the world we pray,
for those whose lives are blighted by despair;
may joy transform the sadness that they bear,
and freedom turn their anguished night to day.
Give us the strength to work in unity,
to play our part in this great Charity.

We give you thanks for workers in the field,
for doctors, nurses, those in distant lands;
sustain them if they falter, guide their hands
that sick and suffering children may be healed,
the hungry fed, the frightened kept from harm;
guard them from danger, shield them from alarm.

We thank you too for guiding through the years
all those who toil and seek for no reward,
content in knowing that they serve their Lord,
who work in zones of conflict, conquering fears
or labour tirelessly without acclaim
to Save the Children, this their constant aim.

You gave the vision which inspired the goals
that children should be loved and healed and fed.
May we, who follow where that need has led,
have faith and hope rekindled in our souls,
so children's cries are answered by our care.
God keep us loyal, fervent in our prayer

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008