Sing the Birth is number 59 from A Singing Faith.

Suggested tune: Thuringia, A.Drese (A & M 35)

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Sing The Birth

Sing of Christ our Lord,
once spurned, now adored.
In a stable Wise Men found him;
warmed by breath of cattle round him,
there Christ Jesus lay,
cradled in the hay.

Herod's cruelty
made a refugee
of that child, by love surrounded,
in the faith and doctrine grounded,
growing as a youth
into wisdom, truth.

Born of David's line,
human, yet divine,
we acknowledge him as Saviour,
seek his light on our behaviour:–
Master, Teacher, Friend –
we on him depend.

Sing with joy his birth,
Lord of heaven and earth;
may his love and peace bring blessing
to his people here confessing
Christ, the hope of all
who obey his call.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008