The Emmaus Road: from A Singing Faith. Dedicated to the late Rev'd Robert Thornley, one of New Zealand Methodism’s finest ministers. "His preaching was a source of inspiration to me in my youth and his life has reflected Christ's love and understanding." This hymn also appears in Sing Glory, Kevin Mayhew, UK, 1999.

Suggested tune: Lake Emerald by Christopher Marshall.

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Alternative tune: Ach Herr by Praetorius  (A&MR 70). If you would like to hear this tune press here. If you would prefer to follow the tune and text on paper you may download a PDF file of this hymn.

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The Emmaus Road

As Jesus walked the Emmaus Road
beside his friends, their faces showed
    uncertainty, confusion.
With loving care he shared their grief;
his voice brought calm, his words belief
    transforming disillusion.

In days of sorrow, nights of pain
Christ treads with us that road again,
    untiring, comprehending.
He's at our side to heal and bless;
his presence comforts our distress,
    with faithfulness unending.

And even though we dimly see
this stranger, Man of Galilee,
    unrecognised, compelling,
his words remind us with their power
that he is with us hour by hour,
    his peace within us dwelling.

When for assurance still we yearn,
do not our hearts within us burn
    all doubts and fears diminished.
Then, faith renewed and hope restored
we travel with our risen Lord
    until our work is finished.

Christ, you the lonely path have trod
in showing us the way to God,
    abandoning us never.
May we your followers walk with you
the Emmaus road, our journey through,
    your spirit with us ever.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008