The Gift Of Peace is from A Singing Faith. Lana Peat, an Auckland musician and a friend since childhood asked for some new words to go with Wrestling Jacob, AMR 343. But Surrey (AMR  179) is a more suitable tune and to that it is set here

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The Gift Of Peace

Come, Holy Spirit, bring that peace
the world desires but rarely finds;
your peace that like a river flows,
refreshing, healing hearts and minds;
a calm that you alone can give
to those who in your presence live.

Where warring nations cause despair
to those whose lives are torn apart,
where leaders, fired by enmity
make hatred rule instead of heart,
bring sanity, your truths reveal,
let love be shed, the wounds to heal.

Each treaty signed, conflict resolved,
gives hope that war will be no more,
that humankind will learn to trust,
display more wisdom than before –
their vision of a world made new,
their liberation found in you.

And as we cannot hope for peace
to reign at last throughout the world
until each person, every race,
spurns confrontation, keeps tight furled
the ancient flags of territory,
lets Love proclaim the victory,

So give us, God, throughout our lives,
a thirst for knowledge, justice, peace,
the wisdom which from you derives,
that understanding may increase.
Peace be our watchword, peace our aim,
your peace reveal, your love proclaim.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008