The Healing Christ: from 11 Hymns.

Suggested tune: Lux Eoi, A Sullivan (A&MR 137)

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The Healing Christ

Christ you gathered people to you,
    those who needed to be healed
of tormented minds and bodies –
    burdens they had long concealed;.
by your strength their griefs were lifted,
    by their faith their lives made whole;
they, rejoicing, told their stories
    healed in body, mind and soul.

In these days of strife and tension
    people need your healing still:
minds disturbed by nameless voices,
    bodies injured, wasted, ill .
May they know you feel their weakness,
    bear their burdens, share their pain.
Be their reassuring presence
    bringing healing once again.

Lord we pray you, with your presence
    bless the people gathered here
and to all in need of comfort
    be companion, ease their fear.
Let the fellowship we offer
    be to each a source of health;
make us partners in your healing–
    wholeness is our greatest wealth.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008