The Human Face Of God: from A Singing Faith.

Suggested tune:  Ratisbon, J.G.Werner (A&MR 7)

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The Human Face Of God

Christ, companion of our way,
Christ example, Christ our friend,
God made flesh, our life to share,
all to suffer, all expend;
give us Lord the strength we need,
guide our steps, our weakness heed.

Bruised by life's adversities,
wounded by its sharp-edged pain,
Lord, for help to you we come,
seeking sustenance again:
you alone our help and shield,
you in suffering still revealed.

Following the way you led,
listening to your message taught,
we the Church, your body here
try to live that love you brought:
love that's costly, love that's pain,
your redemptive love our gain.

Christ, you hung upon the cross,
dying, gave your life for all;
living, conquered death, despair;
yours the triumph we recall.
We, your children, need your grace;
you, our God, with human face.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008