Transforming Love:   From A Singing Faith. Written as a celebration of marriage, and more particularly for Fred's and my fortieth wedding anniversary, Aug. 28, 1994. It was first sung in St Peter's Cathedral on that day.The suggested tune is St James, R.Courteville (A&MR 199)

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Transforming Love

Christ, at a marriage you transformed
    the water into wine;
transform our lives, renew our faith,
    and make our love divine.

Give us the trust that through the years
    will never be betrayed;
with you to guide our path through life
    we journey unafraid.

You, who a mother's love did know -
    the ecstasy, the pain,
sustain and bless our families
    that harmony may reign.

Enrich us with your gift of grace,
    endow us with your mind,
enable us to search for truth
    and understanding find.

Throughout our lives, our hopes and dreams
    we dedicate this day;
inspire, uphold and lead us on
    the Life, the Truth, the Way

until our earthly course is run;
    successes, failures past,
rejoicing we will come to you,
    our God, our First, our Last.

Copyright © Jocelyn Marshall, 2008